Welcome to Atlantic Clean Fuel

Atlantic Clean Fuel is a tank cleaning company based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, serving the surrounding states and the entire Northeast section of the United States.

The company cleans both below ground (UST) and above ground (AST) tanks. Our primary customers are: Convenience stores, petroleum distributors, municipalities, hospitals, schools and any business that has medium sized fuel tanks.

ACF also offers tank entry cleaning as well as AST tank inspection. Our inspection, performed by our inhouse certified inspection team, will provide tank owners with the required SPCC-PLAN.

Why Use Atlantic Clean Fuel?

As you can see pictured below, our cleaning units are significant pieces of equipment. They incorporate a powerful compressor and suction system that will remove water, sludge and debris from tank bottoms quickly and efficiently with a minimal amount of waste.

Incorporated in the system is a series of sophisticated filters that remove water and debris from salvagable fuel. ACF takes prides in its efforts to minimize waste of fuel and money.

Unless your submersible pump is removed for cleaning purposes, your service will not be closed down during the cleaning.

Our cleaning technicians have the experience of years of cleaning thousands of tanks. There are not many problems that they haven’t seen before.

Atlantic Clean Fuel is not a small division of some large business. Tank cleaning, fuel testing and related activities is our business. Having this defined focus allows us to serve you better.

tank unit